We can help grow world-class business out of Africa. We believe in the ambition and potential of African business. It’s why we’ve built Africa’s largest fibre infrastructure and provide an award-winning satellite network.

Liquid Telecom provides connectivity services for enterprises across many sectors. In an increasingly competitive environment, we're one of the few African operators able to use carrier-grade services to enhance our corporate customers' network efficiency and help facilitate transactions.

We have specialist teams with expertise in mining, logistics and distribution, hospitality, airlines, education and banking. And our specialist products for mobile payments and point-of-sale (POS) devices are helping African businesses facilitate transactions with the assurance of secure and reliable global support structures. Read our Enterprise Case Studies to see how we put our expertise into practice.

National and International MPLS

Today's tools of business are video conferencing, email, internal VoIP traffic and data transfer. So companies need a provider they can rely on to grade and prioritise these critical services. MPLS Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 are private and secured services transported on a fully redundant MPLS infrastructure.

 There are three basic variants to MPLS Layer 2:

  • E-Line (point-to-point) - a connection using pseudowire emulation. Offers identical quality to legacy networks with the added benefit of scalable bandwidth. Ideal for enterprises with a single site based in another country.
  • E-Tree (point-to-multipoint) - delivers Ethernet service to multiple locations. Frequently utilised by banks where information is stored centrally and accessed by multiple branches.
  • E-LAN – a VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) product which connects users without having to go through a central office. Typical users: banks, legal firms, mines and retail outlets with multiple regional offices that need to share information.

MPLS L3VPN is a secure IP-based, high-performance and any-to-any service for customers wanting private VPN throughout their network. We're the leading provider of Layer 3 in South Africa, and can extend L3VPN services to the rest of the world using our global telecoms partners.

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Internet Access over Fibre

Internet Access Over Fibre

As the fastest available broadband solution, a fibre connection can make a huge difference to the commercial success of enterprise organisations. Fibre hit the African coast within the last ten years, offering speeds up to 80 x faster than ADSL and 20 x faster than wireless broadband. It's also future-proof, allowing updates to be done remotely. This minimises downtime and keeps businesses on the go. Liquid Telecom has now connected fibre from the coast to many land-locked countries, so more cities and businesses have access to reliable communications using our network.

Liquid Telecom Payments

Liquid Telecom Payments provides electronic payment and POS solutions for Africa's financial and retail sectors. From automating transactions at the point of service to authenticating, delivering, authorising and processing the entire payment cycle from start to finish.

Established in 1992 as TPS (Transaction Payment Solutions), we were acquired by the Liquid Telecom Group in 2007, and have expert Payments teams in Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as software development centres in Harare and London. With years of experience supplying the African market we understand the issues you may face, and can work with you - from advising best practice to implementing the end-to-end solution that's right for your business.

This experience, and our network of local teams, has enabled us to become the region's leading payment solution provider, with clients including Africa's largest banks, retailers and financial institutions.

Read our Payments Case Studies to see how we put our expertise into practice. payment solutions


Liquid Telecom has multiple outsourced and wholly owned/operated hosting facilities throughout Africa, including Nairobi's East Africa Data Centre. We offer a secure environment for corporate business applications, e-Commerce transactions, websites, networking apparatus and streaming servers. And our hosting facilities provide direct connection to local and international exchanges via our own fibre network, with the added benefit of instant access and full redundancy.


The perfect complement to a high speed Internet connection is a reliable Wi-Fi network. Liquid Telecom provides a carrier-grade managed Wi-Fi services for offices and public locations. Our engineers produce a detailed Wi-Fi design that ensures complete area coverage with no dead spots.

For many businesses, offering reliable Wi-Fi to your guests is either an expectation or a differentiator. Our offering for public Wi-Fi includes a captive portal customised for your brand, ability to control the duration of free service for your guests, and flexible forms of registration and authentication, enabling you to better understand and interact with your guests. Public locations can also form part of our Africa Hub, which includes your business in our Wi-Fi hotspot finder and those of our international partners, making it easier for new customers to find your business.

Internet Access over Wireless

By delivering Africa's widest broadband coverage, we connect enterprises all over the country, regardless of location. We provide the out-of-town offices of many multinational companies with the same fast, reliable, secure network that their head offices enjoy. And because our wireless broadband network is connected to our Pan African fibre backbone, you can rely on us to keep your businesses connected to each other and the rest of the world.


It takes an African company to really understand the challenges of connecting businesses in Africa. And Liquid VSAT most definitely is from Africa and for Africa. We know that there are places that fibre hasn' t reached and won't for quite some time. It's why Liquid VSAT offers you business-speed internet via satellite anywhere in Africa. If you're a bank we make it possible to open fully-linked branches in remote towns. If you're a mine we'll enable you to operate seamlessly miles from anywhere. If you're in the tourism industry we'll help your beautifully isolated Safari lodge offer customers internet connections they'd expect when paying for a luxury getaway. And these are just a few of the ways our award-winning satellite service can help African businesses flourish. 

In short, Liquid VSAT makes high-speed internet possible for business in Africa, no matter where that business is. 


CrashPlan™ for Africa

CrashPlan for Africa provides endpoint data protection and unlimited, on-demand scalability that meets the strictest security requirements:

  • Every file
  • Every version
  • Every user
  • Every device
  • Backed up forever. Restored when you need it

All your user's devices are added to the system. Remote workers, field workers, overseas workers – even workers who are travelling. The data is stored centrally regardless of where they are. And the data can be restored to wherever they are working.

  • Backup everyone, everywhere
  • Back up any device, anywhere
  • Unlimited files and versions
  • On-premises encryption keys
  • Granular roles and policies
  • Identity management
  • Automatic and silent
  • Cloud choice
  • Single admin console
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Two-factor authentication


Enterprise Case studies

  • In 2013, African Sun Group selected Liquid Telecom as its exclusive connectivity provider, and today the operator provides high-speed broadband services to all of its hotels and resorts across Zimbabwe.
  • Helping Edgars increase sales and customer loyalty: Liquid Telecom connects retail stores across southern Africa.
  • Bringing reliable voice and data to Rainbow’s employees and guests: Liquid Telecom provides a new network for prominent hospitality company.