How are technology and innovation transforming Africa? Find out in our series of reports exploring emerging tech and business trends across the region. 

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    African Digital Skills Report 2019

    {{"The African Digital Skills Report looks at how a new generation are learning skills in emerging technologies to help secure a brighter future for the whole continent." | truncate(230)}}

    African Gen Z Report 2018

    {{"The African Generation Z Report 2018 takes an in-depth look at how Gen Z - born between 1995 and the early 2000s - could shape business and innovation in Africa in the years to come. " | truncate(230)}}

    African Blockchain Report 2018

    {{"The African Blockchain Report 2018 takes a look at the early pioneers of the technology across Africa, highlighting some of its potential use cases and applications, as well as exposing the challenges that lie ahead." | truncate(230)}}

    African Cloud Report 2017

    {{"The African Cloud Report 2017 examines how incentive is growing for businesses in the region to begin or further adopt cloud-based services." | truncate(230)}}

    African IoT Report 2017

    {{"The Internet of Things (IoT) is the logical next step for an increasingly connected Africa. The African IoT Report 2017 looks at how the technology can support local businesses while also contributing to sustainability." | truncate(230)}}

    African Innovation Report 2017

    {{"An exciting new generation of start-ups are emerging across Africa that are developing solutions for African problems. The African Innovation Report 2017 explores the profound impact these start-ups could have on the region." | truncate(230)}}

    African Cybersecurity Report 2016

    {{"African businesses find themselves at a crossroads - where they must balance digital transformation with a greater focus on cybersecurity and data protection. Find out more in the African Cybersecurity & Data Protection Report." | truncate(230)}}

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