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Is your business having the innovation conversation?

Innovation has become the corporate buzzword of the decade – so much so that organisations are beginning to lose sight of what it actually means for their business and customers today.

In its most pure and basic form, innovation will either help your business make or save money.

Looking at it with greater complexity, innovation should be embedded across every facet of an organisation – from transforming its supply chain and enabling its sales force, through to improving workforce productivity and enriching the overall customer experience.

Once it gets going, there's not much innovation can't bring to a business; it attracts and retains the best talent, positions a company as a business leader and adds more value to its customers.

But let's think about what innovation really means today. Technology hasn't just transformed the world we live and work in - its flipped it upside down.

Technology has empowered today's consumers, who know what they want and how to get hold of it. No longer in the driving seat, the business world has all of a sudden found itself frantically trying to keep up with consumer expectations.

This has made smart organisations rethink and prioritise innovation. Smarter organisations are forever studying how new technologies can further improve their businesses, while at the same time examining the threats they may also pose. The even smarter ones are hiring dedicated innovation teams mandated with discovering new avenues of growth within organisations.

In Africa, the innovation conversation is manifesting itself in different ways. Some African businesses are just beginning their ascent up the innovation curve, and so the discussions are unfamiliar, fresh and rich with possibility. Other African organisations are steaming ahead and looking more closely at how they can tailor solutions to overcome problems specific to the region.

Take, for instance, something as simple as a soft drinks vending machine. In Europe and North America, a business might harness the power of technology to remotely monitor stock levels and temperature in the vending machine. In Africa, what if technology can do all that, but the vending machine can also act as a WiFi hotspot in order to attract customers online while increasing consumption of soft drinks. At the same time, what if that technology can also be used to track vending machines which have been stolen, leading to significant savings.

These are the types of real-life discussions that Liquid Telecom is having with its enterprise customers across Africa today.

As a leading technology partner for businesses in Africa, we are encouraging our customers to think and talk about innovation more.

In July, Liquid Telecom will be holding the first of many innovation workshops, called Innovation Conversation, where we will bring together African enterprise customers from a range of different industries to discuss how technology is evolving the corporate landscape across Africa.

Our innovation experts will be on-hand to advise customers on how to seize on opportunities in the market presented by new technologies and new ways of thinking - all of which begins with a conversation about innovation.

To speak with one of our innovation experts to find out more, get in touch:

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