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Behind-the-scenes at the KCB Kenya Rally Championship

In late July, Liquid Telecom Kenya showcased live streaming of the KCB Kenya Rally Championship for the very first time on its YouTube channel.

Real-time coverage of the KCB Voi Rally in Wundanyi on July 23 was made available through Liquid Telecom's YouTube channel, and featured exclusive footage captured by low flight drones.

The move marks the start of live coverage at every race for the remaining half of the 2016 KCB Rally Championship as Liquid Telecom looks to heighten the profile of the motorsport nationally and globally.

The live YouTube broadcast drew in an audience of almost 3000 - even attracting viewers from across Europe.

Having learnt some valuable lessons from the Voi Rally, Liquid Telecom Kenya's technical team are now planning ahead for the next race which is schedule for August 26 and 27 in Nanyuki.

Again, drones will be connected to Liquid Telecom's free Wi-Fi hotspots at the location and linked back over high-speed microwave and satellite to Liquid Telecom's pan-African fibre network.

As well as providing live streaming of the rally on its YouTube channel, Liquid Telecom Kenya also plans to provide free Wi-Fi for spectators at the event.

To learn more about how Liquid Telecom Kenya's technical team is provisioning live streaming of the KCB Kenya Rally Championship, watch our exclusive video below: