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AfPIF 2016: Spotlight on peering

AfPIF 2016

At the end of this month, Liquid Telecom is once again participating at the annual African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) event, which will this year be hosted in Tanzania.

The event, which will run over three days from August 30th in Dar es Salaam, will bring together some of the leading technical minds from Africa and beyond to discuss the opportunities and challenges for interconnection, peering and traffic exchange across the continent.

But what are peering and interconnections and why are they so important to Africa?

Peering is an agreement between two internet networks to connect and exchange traffic, while an interconnection is the physical linking of the networks. Both peering and interconnections help to keep local internet traffic within local infrastructure, which is particularly pertinent to Africa as so much of its traffic is still routed internationally.

This means that if you send an email from many African countries, it could end up going via Europe, the US or even Japan before it arrives in the recipient's inbox.

Ultimately, this affects the overall internet experience for many end users in the region.

The Internet society, which organises AfPIF, is determined to change that and has set an ambitious target of achieving 80% local and 20% international traffic across Africa by 2020.

In order to do that it needs the continued cooperation of network operators, such as Liquid Telecom, as well as Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), policy-makers and regulators.

All of these parties will come together at the non-profit event, which will feature a number of panel discussions and presentations, including one from Ben Roberts, CTO for Liquid Telecom as well as CEO for Liquid Telecom Kenya.

Liquid Telecom is also a platinum sponsor the event, which will be streamed live online from August 30th to September 1st.

To find out more about AfPIF, click here.

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