Liquid Telecom Kenya – Connecting to a bigger network

The integration of Kenya Data Networks (KDN) into the Liquid Telecom Group is complete – we are now proud to be Liquid Telecom Kenya.

As Liquid Telecom Kenya, we are perfectly placed support your business operations in Kenya, the African continent and beyond. The opportunities will be so much greater now that we are part of a pan-African communications group, which will also mean more benefits for your business.

The benefits of being part of the Liquid Telecom Group
  • A financially stable communications partner committed to long term investment in Africa
  • Increased uptime from unparalleled network quality – including speed, reliability, latency, diverse routing and redundancy
  • Cost reducing services to support your business operations, including Corporate voice, video and data
  • Reliable and predictable service delivery above 99.9% uptime
  • Enhanced connectivity – with exchanges where your branches, customers or clients are in Kampala, Kigali, Dar es Salaam and across Africa and the world, thus leveraging best practice from other Liquid Telecom operations across the continent
  • Cost-efficiencies by taking advantage of Liquid Telecom’s global economies of scale and buying power
  • New and expanded low latency, high security MPLS across the continent
Moving forward as Liquid Telecom Kenya

Liquid Telecom Kenya will deliver the full range of services and products from the Liquid Telecom portfolio for our enterprise and wholesale markets. We’re now connected to the largest single fibre network in Africa, which stretches over 15,000KMs across borders, and so we can provide you with increased capacity, the highest redundancy and network response time and the lowest latency rates on the continent.

We will also continue to focus on our commitment to Vision 2030 and building Kenya and Africa’s digital future.

Contact the Liquid Telecom Kenya team on +254 20 5000 000 /